Welcome to ZippzippEMU

ZippzippEMU is a solo/group progression based server.

There are 2 primary GMs: GM Zippzipp and GM Xionnae

Custom Files

ZippzippEMU is a solo/group progression based server.


As the server grows I find myself (and others too) answering the same questions. We love to help but, for the sake of sanity, I’ve compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions about this server.

Q: Can we use MQ2?

A: Yes. MQ2 is allowed on this server. Not everyone uses it, but many do. TIP: MQ2 has made no impact on this server in regards to making anything unfair. We have a wonderful community of players who are more than helpful with every aspect of the game. Because of the way this server is set up, MQ2 does not give any major advantage over those who choose not to use it. The content is meant to be solo’d/duo’d by a non-MQ2 user!

Q: Where can I get MQ2?

A: The best place to get MQ2 is from MMOBugs. It does cost money, but the best part is that it is completely compiled for you. They also have it compiled specifically for Emulated servers, too! Otherwise, if you do not wish to pay for it, you will have to compile it yourself.

Q: How many bots can I have? How do I get bots?

A: At the moment you are allowed to create 6 bots and spawn 5 bots. However, before you can spawn all 5 bots you must progress up to PoP and complete all 5 bot quests, one for each expansion up to PoP. TIP: In order to create a 6th bot you must flag for PoP and complete the Bot Creation Quest. You will not be able to spawn more than 5 bots on this server.

Q: Can I box? // Is there a limit?

A: Yes. // No.

Q: What are the spawn timers for progression mobs?

A: Most mobs will have the reduced spawn time of exactly 1 hour. However, some have an increased spawn time in order to allow the event to be completed by the players. Think VT/Earth for some increased timers (over an hour). If a mob is not up, it has been recently killed. Just give it time. TIP: Before reporting a broken spawn timer, be sure to ask around and see if anyone recently killed it. Also be sure to wait in the zone for the duration of the targets spawn time.

Q: What are deeds?

A: Deeds are a way for players to earn cash in game for the duration of them being in the game. Most progression targets will drop a deed to their lair. You can also buy some deeds from a vendor in PoK. Once you turn in a deed it will begin to generate a set amount of income every 10 minutes you’re logged in.

Q: Where can I get my spells?

A: For spells level 1 to 51 you get them all free from in PoK. After that, you must earn your spells the EQ way! Some are vendored, some quested, some player made and most dropped off of mobs. There are no plans in the future, near or far, to implement more free spells.

Q: What is the max level in the game?

A: Currently it is 65. You will be able to reach 65 once you unlock PoP.

Q: When can I begin my epic?

A: After you have unlocked Kunark you may begin killing targets given by Epic NPC in PoK. Due to forseen custom content in the future, it may not be possible to do some classes epics the old fashioned way. (Don’t take my word for it, though!) TIP: Once you have completed your epic, you may request any epic from the NPC and give them to your bots!

Q: I am stuck. Is a GM on?

A: If you do get stuck in the game and a GM is busy or not available, log out of the game, log back in and select ENTER TUTORIAL from the character select screen. This will send you back to Plane of Knowledge.

Q: Bots, bots, my bot sucks and won’t do…….

A: If there is a way to make a bot do something it will be under the #bot help listing. Or you can visit THIS LINK and see a list of all of the commands. Bots are not perfect, they have some issues sometimes. Most of the time if it is acting up you can zone/camp and respawn it. It should be noted that zoning with your bots still spawned and in group can and does, often times, cause problems with bots not wanting to do anything.

Q: I found a problem, what do I do?

A: While reporting problems in game may get you an immediate response from other players, it is best if you use the forums to report any bugs you’ve found in game. Before posting a problem you should make sure no one else has reported it first. Feel free to add to another thread if you’d like. TIP: Zippzipp is a one man team. With that said, he does have a family and runs a couple of businesses. So please understand delays in getting things fixed. He is usually pretty quick to resolve some issues, but the least important issues may not be fixed until the next server update!

Q: What is after GoD?

A: Zippzipp plans on making content post GoD custom.

Q: Can I solo everything?

A: Short answer is no. Longer answer is, it is possible for you to do the content on your own given skill level, gear and boxing PCs with more bots. However, the further your progress into the game the more likely it is you will encounter events that will require you to enlist the aid of other players. Ask around, people may be seeking certain items or the flags themselves and will be more than willing to team up with you!

Q: What are some things I can look forward to in the future?

A: Zippzipp intends to add custom content to the game by possibly revamping some zones. You can also expect some fun GM events, custom items and custom quests!

Q: I think this should be done! Will you do it?

A: Maybe. But, don’t expect it. Suggestions and opinions are an important part of this community. Everyone should be enjoying themselves. However, not all suggestions are going to be added into the game. Continue to give your input and suggestions; it helps make a wonderful game and community. But, try to be understanding if some things are denied. There is a really good reason for it, trust me! TIP: If you really want a suggestion to be heard it is best to put it into the Comments and Suggestions forums. This way it is sure to be seen. It allows you to really get into detail with your suggestion and it cannot be easily forgotten.

Xionnae's Custom Crafting Augs

Until the quests are live to walk people through the new player made augs here is a brief overview of how they work.

Depending on the augmentation being made, Jewelcrafting skill of 25/75/100/200 are required. For the most part, all items required are on vendor Drixi Faefire in Plane of Knowledge.

First basic combine:

Magic Encased Stone (Vendor Item)
Water Flask (Vendor Item, Dropped Item)
File (Tradeskilled)
a vial of acidic temper (Vendor Item)
Combine in a Molding Kit (Vendor Item)

If it says you are not skilled enough then try another combine, for basic combines you will need either 25, 75 or 100 in Jewelcrafting. So it would be best to start out using 1 stone at a time to see if you have the skill (for those on a tight budget)

Second combine:
(Requires at least 200 in jewelcrafting, augs used in this combine ARE NOT returned on failed attempts)

2 basic augs of any kind (Tradeskilled ONLY)
Gem Fastener (Vendor Item)
acrylic bonding agent (Vendor Item)

Combine in a Molding Kit (Vendor Item)


The augs may be changed in the future. If you find something that you believe to be an error with any of the augs, please post on this topic so it can be looked at and taken care of.